Hot traveler trends for 2014: Live webinar recap

Did you miss out on TripAdvisors most recent webinar, highlighting key insights from the world’s largest traveler and accommodation survey?

tripbarometer_on-demand_webinar_0Take our short poll below and see if you can spot what travelers really want from accommodation owners in 2014.

1.  What do consumers want most from a travel business when it comes to their use of mobile?
a. Mobile friendly website
b. The ability to book through a mobile device
c. Special offers on mobile

2.  A large percentage of hoteliers are optimistic about the economy. What percentage of global travelers, do you think, are optimistic about the economy in 2014?
a. 60%
b. 33%
c. 54%

3.  What percentage of hoteliers say they use social media to engage with guests?
a. 72%
b. 58%
c. 80%

Did you guess the correct answers?
Find out by watching the webinar on-demand. Hundreds of hospitality professionals have already viewed the on-demand content, in addition to the 1,000+ who registered for the live event.

Don’t get left behind – watch “How will you capitalize on key traveler trends in 2014?” now!


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