TripAdvisor Stickers go digital

75% of TripAdvisor members surveyed say they are more likely to patronize a business with a TripAdvisor endorsement on display.

TripAdvisor -virtualstickerRegistered your business on TripAdvisor? You’ve probably received a TripAdvisor Sticker for your property’s door or window. Studies show that this sticker is a great way to draw in travelers who use the world’s largest travel site.

Want to pull in even more travelers? Add the new TripAdvisor Virtual Sticker to your website! It links travelers to your TripAdvisor property page and helps you show off your reviews.

Start attracting more TripAdvisor travelers! Visit, add your property name, and choose “Link to TripAdvisor”. Then select the “Virtual Sticker” to add it to your website. Need help? Check out our widget guide.


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