What DINKs really want in a hotel

Why one size doesn’t always fit all … particularly for “Double Income, No Kids” couples.

What do couples really want from a hotel when they travel?
vinoy_double_sinks_2* Amenities for two people. Earlier this year, while traveling as a couple to a higher end, independent property on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, one lonely bathrobe hung in the closet, bumping up against one luggage rack. I got the bathrobe and my husband’s suitcase went on the floor.
* Space for two people: Double sinks come standard in the rooms at the historic Renaissance Vinoy in St. Petersburg, Florida – a real treat for those of us with a small bathroom at home and the key to expediency in the morning. At the Willard Street Inn in Burlington, Vermont, there’s two of everything: two bathrobes hanging in the closet, two chocolate chip cookies waiting for you on the nightstand, four fluffy towels waiting for you after your shower.
* Routine for two people: I love it when properties have in-room coffee makers, because it’s easy to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning while my husband gets ready. If there isn’t in-room coffee, it means that one of us has to get dressed and ready to go down to the lobby (or even worse, out to a Starbucks) just to get my morning cup.

What’s the moral of the story? Hotels cannot be everything to everyone. As a property owner, it’s up to you to decide how to cater to a wide variety of audiences.
* Know who stays at your hotel. Cumulative booking data will help you see what type of traveler your hotel attracts most often. Make changes as necessary, based on that data.
* If your property allows it, consider how different rooms may work for different audiences. A business traveler will likely want a quiet room, while a family may want a room close to the elevator. If you collect information about the number of guests and the purpose of their visit in the booking process, you’re able to choose the most appropriate room to make all your guests happy.
* Think about how small changes can make a big difference: like adding an extra luggage rack and bathrobe for a room booked for two guests.

Källa: www.tripadvisor.com.


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