Collecting reviews has never been easier

Great news for restaurants and attractions! It’s now even easier to collect reviews from guests and share fresh content on TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site.

TripAdvisor -ReviewReview Express, a free review collection tool available to registered properties, has been streamlined to help you collect reviews even more quickly via email.

Here’s an inside look at all of the updates:

Simplified campaign set up
The email campaign set up process has been simplified from five steps to two. First, customize your email using the one page set up form. Just click the “Edit” buttons to add your “From” address, subject line, photo and message. Once you’ve customized, add the email addresses of your past guests. Then you’re ready to send!  ​

Better filters
Review Express now features enhanced filters that will prevent unnecessary emails to your guests. An email address will automatically be removed from a campaign if:
* The email recipient has reviewed your business in the last 30 (restaurants) to 90 days (attractions).
* A Review Express email was sent to the address in the last 30 days.
* The email recipients have unsubscribed from Review Express emails.

Enhanced tracking
The Dashboard now tracks the performance of your Review Express campaigns at the property level, no matter who sends them. For each campaign, you’ll also be able to see the actual addresses sent, how many were suppressed and how many emails were opened and clicked.

The best way to collect more TripAdvisor reviews is to ask guests to write them. Review Express makes that process easy.



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